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In this article, I will tell you the easy ways for how to build a bike frame jig. If you are a bicycle lover and wants to make, you own choice cycling. Then don’t worry because in this article I will tell you the complete procedure to make a bicycle frame quickly. The most important part of any bike is its frame jig. First I want to describe the word “dance” here. Any device that holds a piece of work and guides the tool operating on it is called jig. If you visit cycle market, there are an enormous amount of dances, but the majority of them are built with design production.

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig: frame

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig

These kinds of productions are made their plan for a normal man budget. They keep the budget to buy a cycle in their mind while manufacturing any frame. But the quality is not too good of that kind o bicycles. So, we have built, and designed structure of best quality and also that is the affordable price for anyone. So you can also make this easily in your budget too.

The beginning of Frame for How to Build a Bike Frame Jig:

The manufacturing of structure will be started from a half sheet of 3/4” thick MDF and CNC of the frame should be easily assembled with a lightweight jig. These can easily be the pack for traveling. When you unclose this from travel bag, it will be in the 3D structure using the included fasteners. You can easily adjust the jig, and the frame has enough space for most types of geometries and also for tube sizes.

If you want to make frame easily without facing any difficulty, you should have accessories and tube set for an outstanding lugged bicycle for the mountain bike or tracking dropouts.

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig: jig

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig

The best of our life is to build our bike and their too many possibilities for customization are endless during manufacturing. You should create decorative lugs and for this curve the tube with your ideas. Make a bottle carry stand on the road too. Because water in the bottle will kill your thirst when you are ridding on this.

We want to produce the best cycle frame but could not make this without you. I hope that you will show your effort to help us for making a best and endless frame for anyone. This frame will not be too costly, and a common man can easily buy this. And most importantly helps us to launch our own “Made in America” brands. Thank you so much.

Accessories for How to Build a Bike Frame Jig:

To make a design of cycle, you will need many things to make its frame, but there is some common stuff like MIG, TIG, Fillet Brazing and Lugged these are standard to join steel bicycle tubing. Some methods of making frame are just same many, but the way of welding or brazing ‘s hard. My preference for you about welding is, you should learn brazing or welding from someone (not through any video), and do a lot of practice for brazing. I also teach welding personally from United Bicycle Institute frame building class. Many things that I will tell you in this article, I have learned from frame building class. They teach you through both the ways, theoretical and practical. So, I will recommend you to learn from this institute or any other, where you feel comfort but learning of brazing or welding is a must.

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig: accessories

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig

Here are some materials that you should have for making the frame.

  • ST – Seat Tube
  • HT – Head Tube
  • BB – Bottom Bracket
  • SS – Seat Stay
  • MTB – Mountain Bike
  • DT – Down Tube
  • TT – Top Tube

Constructing the frame for How to Build a Bike Frame Jig:

First of all while making a frame you should imagine a frame that you want to make. And make its sketch in your mind. There are a huge number of methods to make a frame like via different techniques, opinions, and algorithms to create a bike frame for a confident ride. I don’t to discuss these in detail.

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig: frame

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig

You can use a drafting table, bike specific CAD or CAD software to build the frame. I recommend you to use drafting table method because if you use this, you can get a full-scale 2-D model of your frame. You can use this method to see your tubes are how shaping up. Then make the perfect drawing of your frame on the paper, and the sketch on the pepper will help you to bend its edges and contributes to solving many difficulties for the frame. So, be sure to make perfect frame. In two categories I have broken too many parameters while making the frame.

These two parameters are used for different work. Like, feel parameter is used to check your feelings when you are ridding on this, and the fit parameter is used to measure the body frame of the bicycle. If you want to learn more than I discuss how these effects the feel of a bike take the UBI class or do some research.

If you want to get frame directions, then visit on YouTube, on social sites, there are too many ways to give you authentic frame dimensions.

Wheel Size for How to Build a Bike Frame Jig:

The wheel is the most important part of any vehicle. So, manufacturing companies are showing too much effort to create best wheels. Bet the most important thing is that what size of wheel you want o create here. The most popular quantity for the wheel is BDS or bead seat diameter or diameter of the bead of the tire. Here is the list of some common BSDs.

  • 700c (road) 622mm
  • 29” (29er) 622mm
  • 26” (MTB) 559mm
  • 27” (old road) 630mm

The diameter of any tire depends too much on any vehicle. So, make this with full intention. Tire manufacturing companies usually made their quality and diameter of tire accurate. Like, 700 x 23 tire has a profile of 23mm.

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig: jig

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig

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Front tire clearance, for example, you should care about care about the diameter of the front tire too. So, choose what kind of front and back tires which will be right for your model.

Use the certain height of fork for your frame. I am not discussing on the fork height now. But the distance from the center of the axle to the base of the crown should be till race seat, and this is also called “axle to crown.”

Tubing Dimensions for How to Build a Bike Frame Jig:

There is a verity of the distributor of bicycle tubes. But personally, I have bought and made the tube with True Temper Tubing or TTT from Henry James. First time for making a frame you should purchase a kit including tubing for a frame. These tools will help you too much for making a structure quickly. The numbers for the kit are:

ST 28.6 mm (27.2mm seat post)

28.6 mm (27.2mm seat post)

DT 28.6 mm 31.8 mm

TT 25.4 mm 28.6 mm

These are not too costly to buy. There are too many points for BB shells. If you know all about bottom brackets, purchase the shell and great you need. And if you did not have too much information about bottom brackets then the best and common is 68mm round.

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig: tube

How to Build a Bike Frame Jig

Most of the tubes of bikes are butted. Each tube has a thickness from its end, or you can say from the wall. While on the other hand, the center of each tube is lighter in weight. I will recommend you to stick with the thicker tubing like 1/.7/1 like it should be 1mm wide butt and just .7mm thin center. The good option for any tube is .9/.6/.9. This example is from the UBI frame building handbook given to me in the class.

Road bike:

  • Tire profile: 25mm
  • Tire diameter (BSD + 2 X Tire profile) 672mm
  • ST: 73°
  • Fork Length: 370mm
  • Chainstay length: 410mm
  • BB Drop: 75mm
  • Rim BSD: 622mm
  • TT Length:
  • HT: 73°

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