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You have faced too many difficulties to solve the mathematical problems. But now the time to discuss completely how to do mental math addition. You will frighten too many students by telling this, but teaching tricks to solve math difficulties with simple tricks and speed can make it less intimidating.

This can also make math more honoring. Even depending on calculators, students should learn tactics that can give help to make better their attentiveness and approximation skills while building their number making sense. And, while you are facing that kind of educators who oppose math “tricks” for solid reasons, pattern point to give advantages such as increased self-believe to problems of mathematics.

Here are 15 steps or tricks to show students, helping them solve math hurdles faster and easier:

Addition and Subtraction for How to Do Mental Math Addition:

Two-Step Addition

A huge number of students struggle when learning to add digits of three integers or more than that with each other, but changing the numbers process’s steps can make it too simple and easier too.

How to Do Mental Math Addition: Two Step Addition

How to Do Mental Math Addition

The very first step is to make the addition of what is easy. After that, the second phase is to add the rest.

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Now say t the students that they must find the addition of 393 and 89. They should quickly check that adding seven onto 393 will equal 400 — that is an easier number to work with that. To make equal the equation, they can go after that mines seven from 89.

Solve like that:

393 + 89

(393 + 7) + (89 – 7)

400 + 82


With this fast formula, big numbers won’t look as scary as before.

Two-Step Subtraction for How to Do Mental Math Addition:

Now the time to discuss the method for subtraction:

Detach what’s easy. Then remove what’s left.

Assume that students must discover the dissimilarity of 567 and 153. Many of the students will realize that 500 is an easier number than 567. So, they just have to take away 67 from the minuend — 567 — and then subtract this with 153 before breaking the equation.

How to Do Mental Math Addition

How to Do Mental Math Addition

Here is the process to solve the equation quickly:

567 – 153

(567 – 67) – (153 – 67)

500 – 86


Even two complex numbers, students will only have to solve just one.

Subtracting from 1,000 for How to Do Mental Math Addition:

You can give students the confidence to solve four-digit equation quickly with this fast method.

To mince a number from 1,000, subtract that digit’s first two numbers from 9. After that, subtract the last digit from 10.

Now tell your students to must solve 1,000 – 438. Here is the formula:

For example;

9 – 4 = 5

9 – 3 = 6

10 – 8 = 2


This also applies to 10,000, 100,000 and many other equations that will follow this pattern. So, that is too easy and easily solvable. Remember this and teach this to your student too.

Multiplication and Division for How to Do Mental Math Addition:

 Doubling and Halving

When students are facing the equation to multiply two equations, then they can also speed up the procedure while one number is an even. They just need to divide or halve the even number and double the other number of even.

Students can end the process of solving the equation when they can no longer split the even integer, and when the numbers become easily handleable.

How to Do Mental Math Addition

How to Do Mental Math Addition

For example: Using 33 x 48, here is the complete procedure to solve the equation.

66 x 24

132 x 12

264 x 6

528 x 3


The only precondition is understood the two times method.

Multiplying by Powers of 2 for How to Do Mental Math Addition:

This kind of problems is a speedy variation of doubling and dividing.

It makes easy multiplication if a number is in the equation in a power of 2, it mean’s progress for 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 and so on.

Here’s the question is, what to do: For every power of 2 that makes up that number more in authority, and double the other number too.

Like, 9 x 16 is the same thing as 9 x (2 x 2 x 2 x 2) or 9 x 24. Students can change double 9 four times to get the correct answer from that equation.

For example:

9 x 24

18 x 23

36 x 22

72 x 2


Unlike making double and divide, this trick demands an understanding of equation with a healthy number of the two times tables or comparison.

Multiplying by 9 for How to Do Mental Math Addition:

A huge number of students are still multiplying by 9 — or 99, 999 and many more numbers that follow this method— is too hard to compare this with multiplying by some 10.

But there’s a simple trick to solve this mathematics problem, and it has two parts to address the problem.

First one is, students are round up the 9 to 10. And the second one is, after solving the new problem; they mince the digit that they just multiplied with the number of 10 from the giving answer.

How to Do Mental Math Addition

How to Do Mental Math Addition

Like, 67 x 9 will be the as same answer as 67 x 10 – 67 is. Following the order of solving will give you the result of 603. Same as it is, 67 x 99 is the same as 67 x 100 – 67. These both the equation’s problem is same, and the method of solving them is also same.

There are many more tricks, altering the equation this way is equally faster than others. Other steps are below.

Multiplying by 11 for How to Do Mental Math Addition:

There’s a simple formula to multiplying two-digit numbers with 11.

Let’s ask your students to must find the object of 11 x 34.

The concept is to add a space in between the numbers, make it 3_4. After that, add two digits with each other’s and fill the sum of them in the space.

The answer will be 374.

How to Do Mental Math Addition

How to Do Mental Math Addition

What happens when the sum of two digits? Learners would add the second number in the space place and put 1 to the digit to the left side of the area.

For Example:

11 x 77





That is called multiplication without having to multiply.

Multiplying Even Numbers by 5 for How to Do Mental Math Addition:

This formula will just provide basic division methods.

Here are two tricks and 5 x 6 works as an example for this. First of all, subtract the number being multiplied by 5 — which is given 6 — in half. After that, put 0 to the right side of the number.

The result will be 30 that is the correct answer.

It’s an obvious, simple formula for students mastering the five times table.

Multiplying Odd Numbers by 5 for How to Do Mental Math Addition:

This is one of the time-saving equation that will work best whenever telling students the five times table.

This formula has three footfalls, which 5 x 7 exemplifies the mathematical problems.

First of all, mines one from that number, which is multiplied by 5, then make it an even number. Secondly, cut that number in half — for example, 6 to 3 in this situation. Thirdly, put 5 to the right of the getting number.

The answer will be 35.

Who needs a calculator? You can solve many mathematical problems quickly from this method.

Squaring a Two-Digit Number that Ends with 1

Squaring a high two-digit number can be monotonous, but there is a shortcut if 1 is the second digit of this.

Here are four foot fills to this shortcut, which 812 exemplify:

Mines 1 from the digit: Like; 81 – 1 = 80

Square the number, which is at that time a simple number: 80 x 80 = 6,400

How to Do Mental Math Addition

How to Do Mental Math Addition

Put the equation with the final square twice: 6,400 + 80 + 80 = 6,560

Add 1: 6,560 + 1 = 6,561

This workaround removes the problems around the second number permit students to work with multiples of 10.

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